Innovative partnership behind a new climate-friendly quay in Aalborg

Trust, early market dialogue, and ongoing project development are among the main ingredients in an innovative construction partnership for Port of Aalborg’s quay expansion in Aalborg East. Besides increasing the carrying capacity by over 50 percent, the partnership has so far reduced CO2 emissions by 30 percent with little extra costs.

Port of Aalborg profile is the new chairman of Danish Rail Freight

Rasmus Munk Kolind from Port of Aalborg is the new chairman of the trade association Danish Rail Freight (Dansk Banegods). He wishes to increase the focus on the fact that the railway is a reliable and sustainable choice for Danish companies when transporting goods. Port of Aalborg already has good experience with freight transport by […]

Danske Fragtmænd to be bolstered by brand new storage facilities at Aalborg port

Port of Aalborg has just concluded an agreement with Danske Fragtmænd for construction of a new 16,000 square-metre warehouse in the industrial area at the East Port in Aalborg. The new building will be erected as an expansion of Danske Fragtmænd’s existing facilities and consolidate the transport company’s storage activities in Aalborg.