Port of Aalborg profile is the new chairman of Danish Rail Freight

Port of Aalborg profile is the new chairman of Danish Rail Freight

Rasmus Munk Kolind from Port of Aalborg is the new chairman of the trade association Danish Rail Freight (Dansk Banegods). He wishes to increase the focus on the fact that the railway is a reliable and sustainable choice for Danish companies when transporting goods. Port of Aalborg already has good experience with freight transport by rail.

Rasmus Munk Kolind, Senior Commercial Manager at Port of Aalborg, now takes the chair at Dansk Banegods. Here, he will use his experience from Port of Aalborg when making Danish companies transport more goods on the railway. Port of Aalborg has good experience with rail freight transport, and Rasmus Munk Kolind hopes to pass on these experiences to companies across the country.

– For several years, we have invested heavily in the port’s railway infrastructure because we believe this mode of transport has many possibilities. In recent years, our rail traffic has developed rapidly. However, there is still untapped potential, which is why we find it quite natural that Rasmus — in parallel with further developing our own railway setup — can push on the development with Dansk Banegods, says Port of Aalborg’s CEO, Claus Holstein.

As chairman of Dansk Banegods, Rasmus Munk Kolind will make a great effort to make rail freight transport play a much greater role in Danish companies’ transport mix.

– We need to be more visible to Danish companies that should include rail transport in their deliberations when planning supply chain operations and logistics. Rail transport has very high delivery security and is often an economically advantageous way of transporting goods. We need to be even better at conveying these messages to businesses to move more goods onto the railways, says Rasmus Munk Kolind.

He points out that it is possible to increase freight volumes on domestic transport, among other things, by establishing more terminals for loading and unloading goods in more parts of the country. The industry has long been calling for this to happen. However, freight transport is particularly interesting and competitive, with longer transport distances. Therefore, this mode of transport is very suitable for transport to and from countries in Europe — also considering many of Denmark’s European neighbors over the years have developed and invested in expanding their rail networks, partly because of an ambitious EU goal.

– The EU has an ambition to convert 30 per cent of freight transport from road to rail or ships by 2030. However, we are far from that target in Denmark, which is why we want to help push the development. Rail freight is the green mode of transport of the future. It becomes even greener with the increasing electrification of railway lines globally, says Rasmus Munk Kolind.

He has witnessed savings of up to 60 percent compared to road transports when freight is transported on the railway to and from North Jutland.

Rasmus Munk Kolind also informs that Dansk Banegods will, among other things, continue to work actively in the Industry Panel of the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority, where stakeholders within rail freight are represented. Dansk Banegods has about 20 members representing train operators, terminals, ports, organisations and freight forwarders working together across the industry. But many more forces who wish to increase rail freight transport are required. Dansk Banegods would like to get in touch with these companies to promote Denmark’s green mode of transport together.

For further information, please contact:

  • Rasmus Munk Kolind, Senior Commercial Manager, Container & Rail, Port of Aalborg A/S, tel. +45 29207206 and rmk@portofaalborg.com
  • Maja Thordahl Schou, Head of Branding & PR, Port of Aalborg A/S, tel. +45 22618308 and mts@portofaalborg.com