Mollerup Mølle strengthens with large warehouses for development and lease at the port of Aalborg.

Mollerup Mølle strengthens with large warehouses for development and lease at the port of Aalborg.

The family-run feed company, Mollerup Mølle, is building four brand new warehouses at the port of Aalborg to future-proof their business.

The family-run feed company from Mors, Mollerup Mølle, has just turned the first sod for four new warehouses totalling 8,000m2 at the port of Aalborg.

Mollerup Mølle has been in business for more than 80 years and has in recent years developed into a significant player in North Jutland with a turnover of nearly DKK 1.5 billion and production of just over 325,000 tonnes of feed annually. However, the company is new to the port of Aalborg.

– The port activities have been skilfully moved from the city centre out to the east, which has resulted in a very attractive business park in the Aalborg East. We have seen tremendous overall growth in North Jutland in recent years and we wish to expand this development further, says Søren Rathcke, Chairman, Mollerup Mølle, and continues:

– Apart from being a growing business area, the port of Aalborg is also North Jutland’s transport hub, affording us direct access to effective infrastructure by ship, rail and road, which is absolutely crucial for our business. This gives us far greater flexibility and increases our competitiveness over a wider geographical area that extends beyond Denmark’s borders.

The optimisation of logistic opportunities is also a question of consolidating the foundation and being at the forefront of development.

– This is an important step in equipping our company for the future. In addition to operating in a strong agricultural area with many enterprising agricultural holdings, there are also long-term perspectives to consider, because Port of Aalborg has the right knowledge and framework for both business and physical growth for us as a company, says Søren Rathcke.

The four warehouses are not only intended for Mollerup Mølle alone, but also for leasing to other companies which can lease either half or a whole warehouse depending on storage capacity requirements.

One of the key elements in the construction is the framework for handling goods. Consequently, the warehouses are located close to the quay, affording sufficient depth of water to facilitate ships carrying more than 30,000 tonnes of cargo, as well as easy access to the multiterminal, the rail terminal and the weighbridge.

Port of Aalborg also sees the greater perspective in Mollerup Mølle’s construction project:

– Mollerup Mølle’s construction of new warehouses is a welcome expansion of facilities at the port of Aalborg that helps to meet the increasing demand for storage capacity. This bolsters both Mollerup Mølle’s and other companies’ future opportunities. Collaboration is an important part of Port of Aalborg’s concept, and it therefore fits perfectly into our strategy when new players come in and contribute to solving a challenge that benefits more companies, says Michael Rosenkilde Lind.

The four warehouses should be ready for commissioning on an ongoing basis from the second quarter of 2022.

For further information, please contact:

  • Søren Rathcke, Chairperson, Mollerup Mølle, tel. +45 40 18 95 22 and
  • Michael Rosenkilde Lind, Senior Commercial Manager, Port of Aalborg, tel. +45 29 20 72 11 and
  • Press service: Maja Thordahl Schou, Head of Branding & PR, Port of Aalborg tel. +45 22 61 83 08 og