Aalborg plays a key role in massive international offshore wind projects

Once again, the internationally renowned excellence of the wind energy industry at the Port of Aalborg is affirmed. Port of Aalborg has recently commenced preparation of a 110,000 m2 site in the East Port for the manufacture of enormous transformer stations for large-scale wind energy projects over the next few years.

US Delegation visits Port of Aalborg

Port of Aalborg had the pleasure of welcoming a delegation from New York State at the Port of Aalborg at the 17th of July. The delegation received a welcome and introduction to Port of Aalborg by CEO, Kristian Thulesen Dahl and Jesper Raakjær, Group Chief Visionary Officer.

Port of Aalborg: Production and knowledge hub for wind and green transition

Offshore wind and carbon reduction will play central roles in realising Danish and EU ambitions to achieve net zero, while strengthening the region’s energy security. Within close proximity to both the North and Baltic Seas, where both future wind power projects and carbon storage projects are planned, the Port of Aalborg is ideally situated as […]

The future of renewable energy

Huge expansion in renewable energy is necessary, not only to decarbonise mass transport through the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), as well as heating, but also in other sectors that cannot be addressed through direct electrification.

Making the future greener together

Our Head of Secretariat, Mette Dietz Lilkær, has been interviewed by PES Wind where she is talking about the market changes and global challenges.