HJHansen Recycling Group expands massively at the Port of Aalborg

HJHansen Recycling Group expands massively at the Port of Aalborg

The recycling company HJHansen Recycling Group is expanding at the Port of Aalborg with a new berth, from which they will be able to ship up to 30,000 tonnes of iron and metal for recycling. This greatly benefits both the North Jutland scrap suppliers and the development of the entire port area.

HJHansen Recycling Group has had a berth at the Port of Aalborg since 1996, from where the company has shipped iron and scrap metal by coasters and sea containers both domestically and abroad. In collaboration with Port of Aalborg, which is responsible for the operation of the Port of Aalborg, the company is establishing its future berth of 15,600 m2 on the port’s new quay site, which has been designed with an emphasis on achieving maximum sustainability in the process. The expansion means that HJHansen Recycling Group can now also ship large Deep-Sea loads of up to 30,000 tonnes. It is the company’s third Deep-Sea terminal in Denmark, supplementing the two existing terminals, from which up to 50,000 tonnes of iron are sent for recycling several times a month.

– Aalborg is a strategically important location, not only for us and our suppliers, but also for the environment, as from the new terminal we can gather and ship more, thus minimising the environmental impact of the scrap as the distance to recycling is shorter, says Mogens Bach Christensen, CEO of HJHansen Recycling Group.

The new Deep Sea-terminal affirms HJHansen Recycling Group’s commitment to sea routes when it comes to shipping materials for recycling.

– This site affords us greater capacity and more transport options. This flexibility will be a great strength for us, explains Mogens Bach Christensen.

Port of Aalborg is also enthusiastic about the company’s expansion.

– We have collaborated closely with HJHansen Recycling Group for several years, and it is therefore a great pleasure to see them expand significantly here at the port. They play a significant role in a very robust recycling industry in our estate, and their growth bolsters the entire area as well as the other recycling companies here at the port, says Michael Rosenkilde Lind, Chief Commercial Officer at Port of Aalborg, and continues:

– We look forward to HJHansen Recycling Group’s focus on using the Port of Aalborg as a traffic hub and the new opportunities that this brings – not only for us, but also for the rest of North Jutland’s business community.

Until the site is commissioned, HJHansen Recycling Group will continue to operate from its current quay berth at the Port of Aalborg. Opening of the new Deep-Sea terminal is expected to take place in 2024.

For further information, please contact:

  • Mogens Bach Christensen, CEO at HJHansen Recycling Group, tel: +45 21 48 57 10 / mbc@hjhansen.dk
  • Michael Rosenkilde Lind, CCO at Port of Aalborg A/S, tel: +45 29 20 72 11 / mrl@portofaalborg.com

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