Procon Wind Energy fills wind industry jobs with local workforce

Procon Wind Energy fills wind industry jobs with local workforce

The growing expansion of the wind industry has created a need for a significant portion of new workforce across various sectors of the wind industry. In Aalborg, Procon Wind Energy has retrained slaughterhouse workers for wind projects.

Critical workforce shortage forecasted for the wind industry

The workforce is in short supply throughout the energy sector, and in the future, there will be a need for new employees in various aspects of offshore and onshore wind. The shortage of workforce is highlighted by figures from Green Power Denmark, which estimates a shortage of 45,000 employees annually by 2030. The prospects of filling the many jobs in the wind industry appear to be a challenge, and alternative recruitment options may be needed. This is precisely what Procon Wind Energy has done. They have tapped into the potential of 76 skilled, local employees who suddenly where unemployed when Danish Crown closed their slaughterhouse in Sæby.


Local actors are key in successful collaboration

The new employees at Procon Wind Energy are accustomed to a daily routine as slaughterhouse workers at Danish Crown’s now-closed slaughterhouse in Sæby, North Jutland. Their new title will be cable installers at Procon Wind Energy, where the new employees will participate in a course to be able to call themselves cable installers.

The new cable installers will for example assist with cable installation on offshore transformer stations at Bladt Industries among other projects. The project has been carried out through local collaboration with TECHCOLLEGE Aalborg, the Agency for Recruitment and Employment (STAR), and local job centers. It has been crucial for the success that the various stakeholders have contributed to the collaboration.