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Global maritime service relocates to strengthen operations in Aalborg

The global maritime service hub, Kongsberg, has agreed with the Port of Aalborg to construct a 1,700 square meter warehouse in the business park in Aalborg East. The company provides services to several of the world’s largest shipping companies and will move its last operations away from central Aalborg to the eastern part of the […]

Desmi Ocean Guard signs commercial lease agreement with Port of Aalborg

Desmi Ocean Guard, one of the Denmark’s leading companies in the development and manufacturing of ballast water management systems, has in just two years gone from 6 to 32 employees and continues to grow significantly. Consequently, the company has now entered into a lease agreement with Port of Aalborg for a 1,200-square-metre large office building […]

Investing on attracting big foreign companies

Aalborg Havn is changing name to Port of Aalborg. The Name change marks the launch of a new 10-year plan with the ambition to double the port’s turnover, invest 2 billion DKK and not least attract 10-15 big companies, who mainly shall be found outside of Denmark’s borders.