Port of Aalborg and TL Byg in innovative partnership for large-size construction in the East port

Port of Aalborg and TL Byg in innovative partnership for large-size construction in the East port

Port of Aalborg and TL Byg have entered a completely new kind of partnership between a developer and contractor around the construction of a large office building in the East port. By prioritising collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout the process, this partnership differs from typical construction projects.

In recent years, the East port has developed into one of Aalborg’s fastest-growing business areas. Construction activity is booming, and the first sod for the upcoming office building has recently been cut. The building is built through a partnership between Port of Aalborg and TL Byg and is projected at 4,600 m2 of office space on three floors, placed in connection to a new 10,000 m2 warehouse building. The two partners have chosen a new partnership model over a traditional tendering model in this project.

– We develop and build this office building in close collaboration throughout the entire process. This close collaboration is based on the belief that each of us can contribute with our core competencies as a developer and contractor and thereby make each other better, says Jesper Hoffmann, CEO of TL Byg.

Business development through partnerships

Partnerships and strong relations are the foundation of Port of Aalborg’s development strategy for the port’s surrounding business area in Aalborg East. It is not new for Port of Aalborg to collaborate with contractors for a building project, but this kind of partnership is a first-time experience for both Port of Aalborg and TL Byg.

– The strength is that we develop together from A to Z. We can bring our respective expertise and experience into play throughout the process in order to not lose valuable knowledge and experiencing during the different phases. C.F Møller and Viborg Engineers have been chosen as advisors on the project, and it’ll be an exciting one filled with good energy and new discoveries, which can become a benchmark for future construction projects, says Henrik Lybæk, Head of Real Estate & Property Management at Port of Aalborg.

Competitive construction

The office building will be part of the new partitioning at Port of Aalborg, Ankeret. And while some may associate a port area with grey, drab buildings and heavy industrial companies, the two partners will put an end to this prejudice. Therefore, great emphasis has been placed on the architecture and surroundings, making the office building suitable for all types of companies from those with high storage needs to high-tech knowledge companies that require minimal space.

– We build a modern office building – both inside and outside – with a focus on flexible solutions. The exterior materials are steel, aluminium and concrete, which require minimum maintenance, while keeping the inside stylish with calm natural colors. Furthermore, the walls can also be moved around so that a company can easily move in and get exactly the settings they need. At the same time, the building is located right next to a lake, where we create a green, recreational setting that supports the beautiful architecture with a stunning view and the possibility of fresh air during the day, says Jesper Hoffmann.

Environmentally-friendly solutions and recycled materials have also been considered for the project. Among other things, the parking areas use grass reinforcement trays in recycled plastic and crushed recycled seals that direct rainwater down and directly into the nearby lake.

– From the start, we have agreed on prioritising smart solutions and an attractive setup that supports a busy everyday life for the companies that move in. We are convinced that it provides more inspired and efficient employees, which ultimately saves companies money and strengthens their position in the market, says Henrik Lybæk.

Port of Aalborg and TL Byg are already in full process of building the office facility, and the construction of the warehouses has just been put out to tender. The expectation is that the first tenants can move into the new office building in April 2023.

For further information please contact:

  • Henrik Lybæk, Head of Real Estate &Property Management, Port of Aalborg A/S, tel. +45 99 30 14 44 and hly@portofaalborg.com
  • Jesper Hoffmann, CEO, TL Byg A/S, +45 40548353 and jfh@tlbyg.dk
  • Press service: Maja Thordahl Schou, Head of PR &Branding, Port of Aalborg A/S,
    tel. 22 61 83 08 and mts@portofaalborg.com