Global maritime service relocates to strengthen operations in Aalborg

Global maritime service relocates to strengthen operations in Aalborg

The global maritime service hub, Kongsberg, has agreed with the Port of Aalborg to construct a 1,700 square meter warehouse in the business park in Aalborg East. The company provides services to several of the world’s largest shipping companies and will move its last operations away from central Aalborg to the eastern part of the city.

The waterfront at Aalborg’s city center has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent decades where industries have left the area to find new development opportunities – among other places in Aalborg East and the business park operated by Port of Aalborg.

International maritime hub, Kongsberg, is among the companies that have moved from Aalborg’s city center. In 2019, the company established a new office and workshop at Port of Aalborg. However, while its warehouse remained in central Aalborg, this will soon become a thing of the past.

Kongsberg has agreed with the Port of Aalborg to lease 1,100 square meters of storage space in a newly built 1,755 square meter warehouse located next to the company’s existing office building and workshop.

– Despite getting the same square meters of storage capacity we had before, it is still a great asset. Its proximity to our other existing facilities means we save money on person-hours and transport. So, even though we also looked at other options, the warehouse location is ideal for logistical efficiency, says Managing Director at Kongsberg, Peter Studsbjerg.

In 2018, Kongsberg acquired Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine and its service hub in Aalborg. The company’s operations remained the same, and today the department services Kongsberg products for several of the world’s largest shipping companies. Therefore, large storage capacity is required to house tools and spare parts.

– As an example, we service huge ship and yacht propellers. Therefore, we need lots of storage space to ensure efficiency when we disassemble and repair these propellers, Peter Studsbjerg says.

Strengthening crucial collaborations

Storage space, logistics, and other locational benefits related to the business park are not the only things helping to streamline Kongsberg’s business operations. Since establishing its offices in 2019, the company has networked and cooperated with several other companies in the area:

– We collaborate with many other players in the area. Since establishing our company at the port, we have, among others, initiated at strong partnership with Maskinfabrikken Fuglsang, a company we hire as a subcontractor for tasks that are too large for our own machinery park. So, we have had a lot of value since relocating to the area, Peter Studsbjerg states.

Port of Aalborg is pleased with its partnership with Kongsberg:

– Our role is to develop a framework for companies to grow and evolve while cooperating in a mutually beneficial way. Kongsberg is a fantastic example, and we’re pleased to be expanding our collaboration with a brand-new warehouse facility, says Commercial Manager, Real Estate, Jeppe Faber.

The completion of Kongberg’s new warehouse is expected in December of this year.

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