Why Aalborg?

Increasing growth in the wind energy sector is raising the competition on the global market, and companies battle to come up with new innovative ideas for the future. In Aalborg, you find ideal settings for just that. As one of the world’s leading manufacturing hubs for the wind energy sector, Aalborg will support and help your company set new goals for creating the technology of the future.

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Growth-promoting surroundings

Size matters! Access to ample space is vital for business purposes in your industry, and in Aalborg, you will find unlimited acres of land to expand your business and facilitate your future growth. Furthermore, you can benefit from ideal infrastructure and logistics solutions by ship, rail, road, and flight. All within 15 minutes reach. Are you ready for growth, then locate your business in a place where the surroundings meet your needs, and space will never be an issue.

Flexible facilities for every need

Multipurpose FlexFacility for production projects at the port of Aalborg

Increasing competition on the global wind energy market has skyrocketed the demand for innovation and development in which reliable testing of components is key. To meet the increasing demand, we have launched a new test and development site which provides your company with an all-in-one production and testing unit for wind energy technology.

Knowledge-based Wind Competence Centre for RD&D projects at the port of Aalborg

World-leading knowledge and workforce