Sustainable aviation fuel plant will be established in Aalborg

Sustainable aviation fuel plant will be established in Aalborg

The plans for production of aviation fuel made from renewable sources has started in Aalborg. It is expected to establish a demonstration plant in Aalborg by 2024 with the new project MeSAF.

Green transition of the aviation sector

The project MeSAF is a step in the right direction for a green transition of the aviation sector. The project will start a production of sustainable aviation fuel that will be placed in Aalborg where the first pilot plant will be established in 2024. It is a partnership between Aalborg Airport, Kosan Gas, Port of Aalborg, Vertimass, Aalborg University, Hydrogen Valley and European Energy. The partners have ambitions to contribute to a green transition in the aviation sector and improve the initiatives under Refuel EU.

The technology behind the project is a simplification of the process of converting methanol into aviation fuel which only includes one step compared to the existing technologies at the market. The new and simplified technology is developed by the American company Vertimass.


Domestic routes on green fuel

The demonstration plant will be established in Aalborg. This plant will be the basis for the evaluation for a full-scale plant with production of at least 10,000 tonnes sustainable aviation fuel per year.

The domestic route from Aalborg to Copenhagen has about 18 daily departures, which is the busiest domestic route in Denmark. Therefore, it makes sense that Aalborg Airport is a part of the project with green fuels, which will be a reality in the near future. There are also wishes from the politicians to introduce a domestic route on green fuels no later than 2025.