Siemens Gamesa’s Major Aalborg Expansion Supported by Government Funding

Siemens Gamesa’s Major Aalborg Expansion Supported by Government Funding

Siemens Gamesa’s Aalborg expansion is supported by the Danish green government fund, enhancing green technologies and jobs.

Siemens Gamesa has secured significant financial support, receiving DKK 162.2 million from the Danish government’s green investment fund. This substantial support underscores Siemens Gamesa’s pivotal role in advancing green technology in Denmark and globally.

The funding will be utilized to expand the blade factory at the East Port in Aalborg, a project that is set to transform the region’s industrial landscape. The Aalborg City Council is expected to approve plans for this large-scale expansion, adding nearly 400,000 square meters for blade storage and operations. This development will not only enhance Siemens Gamesa’s production capabilities but also create approximately 500 new jobs.

In addition to Siemens Gamesa, four other energy projects have also been awarded funding from the government’s green investment fund. The remaining companies are Niebuhr Gears, Advanced Surface Plating, H2Giga and Nord Assembly Lines. In total DKK 634.1 million has been allocated to these projects, reflecting the Danish government’s commitment to supporting sustainable growth and ensuring Denmark’s position in the green production.

With the support from the green investment fund, Siemens Gamesa and the other recipients are well-positioned to drive innovation and growth in Denmark’s renewable energy sector, ensuring a sustainable future for the nation.

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