Recruitment, Workforce & Innovation

Recruitment, Workforce & Innovation

February 8th Aalborg Renewables had the first event of 2023. This event was for members only, and we had the pleasure of hosting it at AAU INNOVATE, which is the new facility of Aalborg University.

One of the key topics of the afternoons was innovation. The first point of the event was a guided tour of AAU INNOVATE – SCIENCE & INNOVATION HUB. This tour around the facility gave an understanding of how this new building and its design is facilitating and supporting entrepreneurship. The theme of innovation continued with a presentation from Cecilie LindstromNordDanmarks EU-Kontor / NorthDenmark EU-Office, on the different aspects and possibilities of EU-funding and subsidiaries. The different funds and the process from idea to EU project were displayed and explained to provide our members a practical overview of their options.

The next topic of the afternoon was workforce – more specifically the workforce of northern Jutland. To provide a status of the state and future of the workforce, Aalborg Renewables invited co-author of the FremKom4 report, Lone Johansen. In her presentation, Lone emphasized that studies show a decline in the workforce especially in the field of STEM and a mismatch between supply and demand on the future labour market. Further she presented the tendencies for the future of the workforce and how the business community of northern Jutland expects the development to be.

Maria Vinther Fenger, head of people and culture at Liftra was the last speaker of the day. She told the story of Liftra from a recruitment perspective. From her presentation of how they collaborate with knowledge and educational institutions of the region, the clear recommendation was to get involved and engaged at the educational institutions which your company needs to recruit from, and let the students work with actual challenges of your business.