Procon awarded coveted world goal certification

Procon awarded coveted world goal certification

Pioneering Danish wind energy group, Procon Wind Energy, is now officially recognised for its commitment and dedication to sustainable business strategies. The group is one of the first wind energy companies to obtain Bureau Veritas’ World Goal Certification, a highly coveted certification that not only placees demands on the company itself, but also on partners such as Port of Aalborg.

The Danish supplier of electrical and technical solutions for the wind and solar sector, Procon Wind Energy, is the second company of its kind to achieve Bureau Veritas’ World Goal Certification. This certification is awarded to Procon for its commitment to systematic and ambitious sustainability strategies in connection with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Procon Wind Energy’s achievement is several years in the making. The company has taken significant steps toward sustainability in all aspects of its business operations.

– Simply working with renewable energy doesn’t mean you’re a sustainable company, which is why we are extremely proud to be awarded Bureau Veritas’ sustainability certification. We believe it sets an example within our industry. For us, sustainability isn’t just about combating climate change or environmental issues. It’s also about being responsible for the future of society and people at large. This is why we’re openly dedicated to incorporating sustainability goals into our strategies and daily operations, says Head of Business & Brand Development at Procon Wind Energy, Thomas Padfield.

Certifications and the demand on partners

For the past two years, Procon Wind Energy has operated on a global scale from its headquarters based in the Port of Aalborg’s business area. Procon and other similar businesses operating in this area are often celebrated for actively committing to sustainability efforts through certifications. However, as more certifications are awarded, demand on Procon, its partners, and its customers begins to increase.

– Sustainability has become a conscious decision amongst key players within our industry. It’s now a necessary cornerstone for many businesses. With certifications, companies put action behind their words. They actively dedicate and commit themselves to meaningful sustainable strategies. We are happy these companies choose to work alongside us where sustainability and green solutions continue to thrive, says Commercial Manager, Real Estate, at Port of Aalborg, Jeppe Faber, who elaborates:

– At the same time, as more of our customers become certified, demand on us begins to increase significantly. For example, facility capacity, interior design, and energy efficiency must meet our customers’ requirements. Meeting these requirements is an ongoing project and one we’ll be focusing on as our customers become certified, ensuring a greener, more sustainable direction for us all.

Procon Wind Energy officially obtained Bureau Veritas’ sustainability certification in June 2021.

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