Large wind turbine project leads carpentry company to lease facilities at the port

Large wind turbine project leads carpentry company to lease facilities at the port

Svendsen Kongerslev and Port of Aalborg have just signed a fixed term lease agreement for 2,000 square metres of storage facilities at the Port of Aalborg. The agreement extends over four months for the leased facility, which shall be used in connection with a large project for the wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa.

The carpentry company Svendsen Kongerslev, which specialises in the construction of platforms for wind turbine blade production, has been a sub-supplier to Siemens Gamesa since 2007. Now on foot of a new project with Siemens Gamesa, the company urgently needs more warehousing space for the storage of materials and constructions and has therefore opted for a strategically advantageous location at the port of Aalborg, where Siemens Gamesa is also located.

– As the size of wind turbine blades has grown, the need for larger platforms and thus more storage capacity has increased. We have recently commenced a project to produce platform constructions for a number of large wind turbine blades in a relatively short time. Due to the scope of the project and the short time frame, we were limited by our storage capacity in Kongerslev. Consequently, we were looking for a logistically optimal location, says Construction Manager at Svendsen Kongerslev, Rasmus Nanfeld Svendsen, who elaborates:

– By locating at the port of Aalborg, we practically become neighbours to Siemens Gamesa, while also gaining access to a modern, spacious warehouse solution that matches our requirements. Consequently, the location at the port of Aalborg, in many respects, enables us to optimise our logistical setup for this specific project.

Specifically, Svendsen Kongerslev has concluded an agreement with Port of Aalborg for the 2,000 m2 storage facilities, which the company has just begun using.

Great demand for storage capacity in North Jutland

The new lease agreement with Svendsen Kongerslev comes shortly after the previous tenant vacated the facilities. Port of Aalborg views the growing demand for storage capacity in particular as positive:

– It is always gratifying when we can support the development of a new tenant by expediently facilitating a necessary storage solution. The agreement with Svendsen Kongerslev is also particularly beneficial as it is an extension of a project with Siemens Gamesa, which is already one of the leading actors in the area, says Commercial Manager, Real Estate, Jeppe Faber.

As recently as in 2020, Port of Aalborg expanded storage capacity at the port by 6,000 m2 in the form of three new warehouses. The lease agreement with Svendsen Kongerslev involves one of these warehouses and extends until 1 October 2021.

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