EU launches new initiatives to boost renewable energy

EU launches new initiatives to boost renewable energy

Celebrating two years of REPowerEU: Accelerating wind energy and reducing Europe’s gas dependency.

On May 15th it marks the second anniversary of REPowerEU, the EU’s response to enhance energy security following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This initiative has been a success, including the acceleration of wind farm permitting. The EU has introduced new measures to further expand the success in the transition towards more renewable energy.

The impact of REPowerEU speaks for itself. In just two years:

  • the share of wind in the EU electricity mix has risen from 14% to 19%;
  • annual wind energy production has risen from 375 TWh to 466 TWh;
  • wind now means 95bcm less need for gas every year; and 119m tonnes of avoided CO2.

REPowerEU has significantly reduced Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and has been instrumental in increasing wind energy production by 91 TWh annually. The EU aims to continue this momentum with new initiatives focused on refining auction processes, improving permitting efficiency, and enhancing transparency across Europe’s renewable energy sector.

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