EU on track to meet 2030 wind energy targets!

EU on track to meet 2030 wind energy targets!

EU’s wind energy sector hits new highs in 2023, but grid expansion is crucial for future growth.

The EU is making impressive progress towards its 2030 wind energy targets, according to WindEurope’s latest report. Thanks to improved permitting and increased investments, the EU installed a record-breaking 16.2 GW of new wind capacity in 2023. Germany led the way, followed by the Netherlands and Sweden.

Wind energy now accounts for 19% of the EU’s electricity consumption, with Denmark achieving a remarkable 56%. Despite these advancements, delays in grid connections remain a significant challenge, potentially hindering the timely commissioning of new wind farms.

Looking ahead, WindEurope forecasts an average of 29 GW of new wind installations annually from 2024 to 2030. To meet these ambitious targets, accelerating grid development is crucial. The future of wind energy in the EU looks promising, provided that grid expansion keeps pace with new installations.

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