Aalborg Renewables at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

Aalborg Renewables at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

Wednesday September 28th, our member, Port of Aalborg, hosted a reception for Aalborg Renewables at their stand at WindEnergy Hamburg.

International interest in the community

It was a great experience participating in WindEnergy Hamburg where many people showed interest in Aalborg Renewables. Moreover, there was a great amount of our members and interested people who showed up at the reception.

“We were super excited to see so many stopping by for a light lunch and also to experience the awareness that the community already has created.”  Mette Dietz Lilkær, Head of Secretariat.

The important factors in the renewables industry

Aalborg Renewables participated in WindEnergy Hamburg to present the community in an international environment. The event provides a great opportunity to meet with international companies and get insights in some of the aspects of the renewable sector i.e., the huge importance of access to skilled knowledge and workforce, space and great facilities. Aalborg Renewables is putting a great effort into facilitating knowledge sharing between companies and helping their members with access to knowledge institutions.