Denmark has the best business climate

Denmark has the best business climate

IMD World Competitiveness Ranking 2022 has ranked Denmark as number one for the first time. The ranking is based on several different parameters where Denmark has the greatest overall results. It is especially within sustainability, that Denmark succeeds.

The forefront of sustainability

A targeted approach leads Denmark to be on the forefront of sustainability. For example, the Danish Government has an ambitious target on cutting 70% of CO2 emissions in 10 years. Moreover, Denmark benefits from being a small country in the European market. In addition, this position in the market is being exploited with Denmark’s aggressive approach towards more sustainable solutions.


Great results within business performance

The economic performances have risen sharply, and it helps Denmark with a top ranking for the first time. For example, they performed outstandingly in business efficiency, productivity and efficiency and management practices where they ranked number one. Moreover, the investment flows in the country have increased, which is a key factor for these great rankings.

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