Test facility in Aalborg will accelerate production of future green fuels

Test facility in Aalborg will accelerate production of future green fuels

A green business adventure is underway in North Jutland. As an important contribution to the realization of large-scale production of future green fuels such as e-methanol and hydrogen, Aalborg University now move a test facility from the university campus to the business area at the East Port. The plant is ready in August with the site prepared to handle four additional test facilities that can be used by commercial players.

A new project in Aalborg aims to boost the development of green fuels made from carbon captured from residues such as smoke emissions, food waste and wastewater. Soon, Aalborg University begin the relocation of a large test facility as part of scaling up of the technology

– The project will be the backbone of our future development projects that are crucial for realizing large-scale production of, for example, hydrogen and e-methanol. With Port of Aalborg, we will have the optimal conditions for developing our research and technologies in practice, in order to scale up production in the future. At the same time, we also make it possible for commercial players to test the facilities in order for us to realize the enormous potential of CCUS, which will be crucial for achieving national and international climate goals in the coming years, explains Lasse Rosendahl, Head of Department and Professor at AAU Energy at Aalborg University.

The test facility will be moved to a 3,000 square metre large site at the East Harbour in Aalborg, where it can potentially be expanded by up to four times its current size.

Several CCU and PtX projects underway in the area

It is not the first time that Port of Aalborg and Aalborg University work together on PtX. In 2022, the parties together with Aalborg Airport, Kosan Gas, Vertimass, Hydrogen Valley and European Energy announced plans for the establishment of the so-called MeSAF project, which seeks to produce green aviation fuel and potentially supply a domestic route in Denmark in the future.

Port of Aalborg is pleased with yet another collaboration project with Aalborg University. A university that has been named one of the world’s leading engineering universities on several occasions, making it an important partner for the area’s strong ambitions within CCU and PtX technologies.

– We are very pleased to facilitate the space for the facility as well as our collaboration with Aalborg University and its world-leading research environments within CCU and PtX. A project like this fits well in the area, where we already have a strong cluster of companies working with the technologies in different ways, says CEO at Port of Aalborg, Kristian Thulesen Dahl.

– By collaborating with AAU on the test facility, we look forward to also work with actors from CO2Vision and across the value chain to help translate the university’s world-class research into a tangible product, which both contribute to the green transition as well as growth and new jobs in the area, adds Chairman of the Board at Port of Aalborg, Lasse Frimand Jensen.

The relocation of the test facility happens shortly after Fidelis New Energy and Port of Aalborg announced the construction of a large receiving facility, which from 2026 can receive up to four million tons of CO2 annually.

In 2022, Port of Aalborg and European Energy also signed a letter of intent for the establishment of a PtX plant with a capacity of up to 75,000 tons of e-methanol per year.