REintegrate plans to develop tomorrow’s green fuel at the port of Aalborg

REintegrate plans to develop tomorrow’s green fuel at the port of Aalborg

E-methanol process developer REintegrate has recently moved into Port of Aalborg’s business park. The company designs systems for the production of tomorrow’s green fuel for heavy transport and is now looking forward to joining the industrial cluster for Power-to-X solutions at the port of Aalborg.

Power-to-X companies are shooting up in the Port of Aalborg business park. Most recently, e-methanol process developer REintegrate set up operations at the harbour in Aalborg East. This small company with big ambitions designs systems for producing e-methanol – a green and CO2-neutral fuel alternative for heavy maritime and road transport. To begin with,

REintegrate has moved into a shared office facility. However, the plan is to expand activities in the port area within a few years.
REintegrate is delighted to have ended up in Port of Aalborg’s business park, where many of the companies have a common ambition to add momentum to greening efforts:

‘The decision for REintegrate to set up operations at the port of Aalborg was largely due to the fact that the business park has become a focal point for green ideas and solutions, so there was good synergy in locating our business here,’ says Søren Knudsen Kær, co-owner of REintegrate. And he adds:

‘There are also excellent opportunities for entering into partnerships with other companies. We already work closely with Aalborg Portland, and at Port of Aalborg we’ll be neighbours to Blue World Technologies, manufacturer of methanol fuel cells, and Blue Power Partners, also active users of Power-to-X,’ he says.

E-methanol results from a process that uses green electricity to produce hydrogen. The e-methanol – popularly known as liquid electricity – is formed in a catalytic reaction between the hydrogen and CO2 from, for instance, biogas. REintegrate’s first pilot plant was built in collaboration with Aalborg University, and they are currently preparing to erect a large-scale demonstration plant in Skive. In the long term, their ambition is to set up several plants across the country, and this is where Port of Aalborg may be able to play an even larger role:

‘It may be necessary, in time, to collect methanol production from our plant and store it in a central location, and, at that point, it will be an advantage to be located at the Port of Aalborg for logistical reasons. It also makes good sense to have storage capacity at the port, because the methanol can be used as marine fuel, so we’re planning to set up storage tanks at the location in Aalborg,’ Søren Knudsen Kær explains.

Port of Aalborg is pleased to see another company joining the business park at the East Port:

‘Of course, we’re delighted that REintegrate has moved into our business park where their presence helps strengthen the budding industrial cluster of businesses involved in greening the transport sector. This trend is entirely in line with our strategy to make our business park a hub for development of tomorrow’s innovative and green technologies. Our ambition is to ensure that more new, cutting-edge growth industry projects take root here in the future, so that we can create jobs and growth. And, seen in this context, Power-to-X and REintegrate couldn’t be a better fit,’ says Jeppe Faber, Commercial Manager at Port of Aalborg.

Port of Aalborg already has a strong industrial cluster infrastructure for the wind industry and is a world leader in test facilities for wind turbine blades. Port of Aalborg has also invested in the construction of a new factory building for Blue World Technologies and is deeply involved in the Green Hub Denmark test platform.

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