Pilot project to find the formula for sustainable office construction

Pilot project to find the formula for sustainable office construction

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings are coming to the forefront like never before, yet despite the growing interest, the labelling standard has not yet reached office buildings. However, this has not stopped Port of Aalborg from constructing a new office building for the global equipment rental company, LOXAM, using Nordic Swan Ecolabelled materials in order to reduce the amount of chemicals in the building and ensure a healthy indoor environment.

In recent years, Nordic Swan Ecolabelled construction has been subject to increasing demand, as Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings are characterised by low energy consumption, strict requirements for environment and health damaging substances, material controls and high structural quality. And today, everything from Nordic Swan Ecolabelled apartments and houses to day care centres are being built. Although the sustainable certification is not yet applied to office buildings, this has not curbed Port of Aalborg’s ambition to build with Nordic Swan Ecolabelled materials.

Port of Aalborg has entered into an agreement with the worldwide equipment rental company LOXAM for a new office building, which will be constructed with materials that meet the strict requirements of Nordic Swan Ecolabelling for chemical usage, a healthy indoor environment, CO2 emissions, etc.

Inspiration from Nordic Swan Ecolabelled kindergartens

Claus Burgaard, Construction Manager at the Port of Aalborg, says the aim of the new office building is to gain experience of the sustainable construction method:

– We have elected to use Nordic Swan Ecolabelled materials in the new office building, as we wish to aid the promotion of sustainable building and limit the use of chemicals in new construction. Although we cannot obtain the official Nordic Swan Ecolabel, we will look for inspiration in other Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings such as schools and kindergartens, which do qualify for the certification, says Claus Burgaard.

According to Sales and Marketing Director Nick Rønsner from LOXAM, they are very pleased with Port of Aalborg’s decision to build with Nordic Swan Ecolabelled materials, which both promote circular economy and reduce climate impact:

– Our commercial strategy places great emphasis on the environment and sustainability and we support the increased demand and wishes coming from our customers. Consequently, we also welcome the ambitions for our new premises, says Nick Rønsner.

Sustainable construction and an emission-free building site

Enemærke & Petersen are the building contractors for the new office building, which will be 356 m2 and accommodate office facilities, a shop, a showroom and welfare facilities for LOXAM employees. In accordance with the legislation, buildings over 1,000 m2 from 2023 must be lifecycle assessed and will apply to all new buildings from 2025. Consequently, the Port of Aalborg has already decided to assess the life cycle of the new office building in collaboration with Enemærke & Petersen and make the construction site emission-free by not using diesel and petrol during the construction phase.

– We want our construction sites to be as sustainable as possible. Consequently, we have had very useful discussions with the Port of Aalborg about Nordic Swan Ecolabelled construction and emission-free construction sites. It is great that Port of Aalborg is on board and that the consultants also quickly conform to it. This energises the project and represents green collaboration at its best, explains Enemærke & Petersen’s Department Manager, Nikolaj Glyø.

The new, sustainable office building will be built on Olievej 7.

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