Growth spurt at Tri Trail Trucking leads to a need for bigger facilities

Growth spurt at Tri Trail Trucking leads to a need for bigger facilities

In 2010, Tri Trail Trucking moved to Rørdalsvej at the East Port, and the haulage firm continues to flourish here. The company is growing, and they need more space for their administration. They are therefore in the throes of a major renovation which will double their office facilities.

Haulier Tri Trail Trucking at the East Port is currently charting a positive trend, with growth in activity and staff numbers alike. In administration, numbers are up from five to eight, and this means they need more space.
‘We’re in full swing with the extension and renovation of our facilities, which have become too small for us. Among other things, we’ve added an extra room to our office facilities, giving us almost twice as much space as before,’ says Jacob B Caspersen, director at Tri Trail Trucking.

The positive trend is mainly due to excellent activity in the company’s core business: domestic and international container transport. Added to this, there has been an increase in the demand for local container transportation at the East Port and at the company’s storage facilities at the port. Consequently, the number of warehouse operatives has increased from one in 2012 to six today.

‘The main reason why we need to extend our facilities and increase the number of employees is the positive trend in both domestic and international transport in recent years. Naturally, we’re delighted about this – not least, because this is the key component of our business,’ Jacob B Caspersen explains.

According to Jacob B Caspersen, Tri Trail Trucking is noting good activity in spite of the coronavirus crisis. In fact, the demand for the part of their business related to storage capacity has increased:

‘We have a total of 2,500 square metres of storage capacity, and all of it is currently in use. There’s a large demand for storage facilities in North Jutland in general, but the situation right now is quite extraordinary. To a great extent, this is due to the fact that companies are receiving goods that they’re unable to sell because businesses are closed, and in some areas consumption has stagnated. But they need to store the goods anyway, and there’s obviously great demand for the space,’ says Jacob B Caspersen.

Port of Aalborg is delighted to see that Tri Trail Trucking is doing well:

‘We’re always happy when the business park at the East Port is able to create a good foundation for a company’s growth – particularly, when private businesses in the East Port contribute to growth in our region. We have a successful collaboration with Tri Trail Trucking, and they perform many tasks at the port every day. They provide storage capacity and have a container depot that’s popular with a great many businesses,’ says Kjartan Ross, Chief Commercial Officer at Port of Aalborg.