European Energy and Port of Aalborg join forces on large-scale Power-to-X plant in Aalborg

European Energy and Port of Aalborg join forces on large-scale Power-to-X plant in Aalborg

A declaration of intent between the parties will lead to the realization of a large Power-to-X plant at the Eastern Port in Aalborg. The plant is set to be ready for use as early as 2025 and will produce 75,000 metric tons of e-methanol per year.

Today, Aalborg has come a big step closer to a new Power-to-X plant that will produce green e-methanol for use in the transport sector. The Danish developer of renewable energy European Energy and the country’s largest inland port, Port of Aalborg, have today signed a letter of intent that secures European Energy an option for a 25-hectare area at the Eastern Port in Aalborg, which is planned to be the location for a new electrolysis plant with a capacity of 120 MW and an associated e-methanol plant.

– The so-called e-fuels such as e-methanol will play a crucial role in the green transition with major players such as Maersk and Circle K already in the process of building a solid demand in the market. Therefore, it is crucial that we build up a large production capacity, which is why we have worked for a period of time with various projects to be able to establish a plant in Aalborg, which has a unique value chain within Power-to-X. We greatly appreciate a very constructive dialogue with Port of Aalborg, which has been decisive for us now being ready to enter the next phase, says Emil Vikjær-Andresen, Head of Power-to-X at European Energy.

The plant will produce around 75,000 metric tons of e-methanol per year and will be approximately twice the size of the plant European Energy is currently in the process of establishing in Aabenraa in Southern Denmark. At Port of Aalborg, Chairman of the Board Lasse Frimand Jensen is pleased with the prospect of a project that unites green transition, job creation and growth opportunities:

– In recent years, we are investing heavily in creating an optimal framework for innovative environments and clusters that bring Aalborg into the world elite within the technologies of the future. With a new, large Power-to-X facility, Aalborg will truly consolidate itself as a world-leading hub for modern and green energy technology, which will strengthen our ability to attract even more investments and players from both home and abroad, says Lasse Frimand Jensen.

In addition to the construction itself, it is expected that the plant will initially generate 10-15 jobs for the operation. The green power for the plant will primarily come from new renewable energy plants with European Energy currently having a significant pipeline of projects in Denmark towards 2025. Furthermore, European Energy also hopes to get permission to establish solar parks in the immediate area of the new Power-to-X plant.

Regulatory work is already in the pipeline this year

With a goal of production already in 2025, it is crucial that work on the project starts already this year. Next step will be the further technical planning of the project, which will form the basis for a regulatory handling.

– In addition, we are in the process of exploring the market for possible carbon sources, which looks really promising. But we will also work to enter into more symbioses with the nearby area by, among other things, offering surplus heat to Aalborg’s district heating network. We estimate that we will be able to supply approximately 10% of the heat that normally comes from the heat and power plant Nordjylland Power Station, meaning we can play a role in the plant’s phase-out of coal, says Emil Vikjær-Andresen.

He says that with the newly established business consortium CCUS Fyrtårn Nordjylland, which consists of a number of public players and 27 companies, the parties will apply for support for the project. Earlier in March, a broad majority in the Danish Parliament reached an agreement to allocate DKK 1.25 billion for investment in Power-to-X technology, and if you ask the mayor of Aalborg Municipality, Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, the politicians should look in the direction of Aalborg when resources are allocated:

– Aalborg has a fantastic position in terms of Power-to-X specifically and energy technology in general. Among other things, in the form of world-leading research centers at Aalborg University as well as a visionary business community that is engaged in both the development and testing of Power-to-X and fuel cell technology as well as carbon capture. At the same time, we have a fantastic platform for running green projects through partnerships between both public and private players in the form of Green Hub Denmark. So, I have great confidence that Aalborg will be an important priority for the Danish Parliament, says Thomas Kastrup-Larsen.

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