CCU-HUB AALBORG kicks off – a North Jutland business adventure

CCU-HUB AALBORG kicks off – a North Jutland business adventure

Port of Aalborg recently hosted the kick-off meeting for a methanol demonstration project, CCU-HUB AALBORG, under the North Jutland business lighthouse, CO2Vision. At the meeting, the first steps towards the future business adventure in Aalborg were taken.

The development and deployment of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies have gained prominence both nationally and internationally as a key element in achieving the global CO2 reduction targets in such sectors such as industry and transport.

– The development has been rapid and the competition is keen, so it is now time to act if North Jutland wants to be at the forefront of CCU, says Jesper Raakjær, Group Chief Visionary Officer at Port of Aalborg, and continues:

– Aalborg has optimum conditions for CCU, as we have an integrated energy system across the electricity, heating, gas and transport sectors, along with access to large sources of CO2. Aalborg and North Jutland can become the European stronghold and showcase for large-scale testing and demonstration of CCU, provided we ensure the necessary framework for the expansion and establishment of renewable energy as well as access to local CO2 sources.

The foundation of CCU-HUB AALBORG

Private and public actors in North Jutland have therefore joined forces in an ambitious consortium to create North Jutland’s new business lighthouse, CCU-HUB AALBORG. CCU-HUB AALBORG is an offshoot of the GreenCem project and continues to work with the issues and opportunities discovered in the previous project. The aim is to create a new business area in Aalborg around the capture, storage and use of CO2.

CCU-HUB AALBORG is a demonstration project focused on showing that CO2 can be converted into a useful resource, e.g. methanol for refuelling cars and filling stations.

– The project has enormous potential. With contributions from the entire value chain, CCU-HUB AALBORG will create and ensure a strong foundation for both short and long-term value creation in North Jutland. CCU-HUB AALBORG supports the entire Power-to-X value chain and will promote the expansion of the existing infrastructure for a far greener transport sector via for example methanol, says Jesper Raakjær.

The Danish Agency for Trade and Industry supports the development of the North Jutland business lighthouse with DKK 92.4 million from REACT-EU, of which CCU HUBAALBORG receives DKK 18.5 million in financing.

The partners in the consortium are:

European Energy A/S, Circle K, Aalborg Airport, Aalborg University, Evida, Green Hydrogen Systems, EMD International A/S, Blue World Technologies, HMK BILCON, DCCNT (The Danish Centre for Carbon Neutral Transport), grid company N1, Green Hub Denmark and not least Port of Aalborg. In addition, Northern Denmark’s EU office participates with regard to competence building and to provide an international perspective on labour and finance.