Test facility in Aalborg will accelerate production of future green fuels

A green business adventure is underway in North Jutland. As an important contribution to the realization of large-scale production of future green fuels such as e-methanol and hydrogen, Aalborg University now move a test facility from the university campus to the business area at the East Port. The plant is ready in August with the […]

Port of Aalborg: Production and knowledge hub for wind and green transition

Offshore wind and carbon reduction will play central roles in realising Danish and EU ambitions to achieve net zero, while strengthening the region’s energy security. Within close proximity to both the North and Baltic Seas, where both future wind power projects and carbon storage projects are planned, the Port of Aalborg is ideally situated as […]

CCU-HUB AALBORG kicks off – a North Jutland business adventure

Port of Aalborg recently hosted the kick-off meeting for a methanol demonstration project, CCU-HUB AALBORG, under the North Jutland business lighthouse, CO2Vision. At the meeting, the first steps towards the future business adventure in Aalborg were taken.

Innovative partnership behind a new climate-friendly quay in Aalborg

Trust, early market dialogue, and ongoing project development are among the main ingredients in an innovative construction partnership for Port of Aalborg’s quay expansion in Aalborg East. Besides increasing the carrying capacity by over 50 percent, the partnership has so far reduced CO2 emissions by 30 percent with little extra costs.

Welcome to The Anchor

Meet an innovative, sustainable business area focused on partnerships, symbioses and free resource flow – and not least, with an intermodal logistics setup that makes the area ideal for industrial purposes.