An extra weekly freight train departure from the port of Aalborg

An extra weekly freight train departure from the port of Aalborg

Recent years’ positive trend in rail transport to and from the port of Aalborg continues, and, as a consequence, weekly departures from Port of Aalborg’s rail terminals have now increased from three to four. This is the second time more departures have been added in the space of just a year.

In 2016, Port of Aalborg joined DB Cargo Scandinavia’s extensive rail network, giving rail freight to and from the port of Aalborg a serious boost. Rail freight is becoming more and more popular among businesses in North Jutland, and we are therefore increasing the number of weekly departures from the port of Aalborg from three to four.

Rasmus Munk Kolind, Commercial Manager at Port of Aalborg Logistics, welcomes this development, and he sees the increase as a vital step towards further integration of rail freight into the companies’ transport mix.

‘It’s encouraging that the frequency of departures is continuing to increase. We’re seeing a rise in demand for rail freight, and if we want this trend to continue it’s important to keep on improving conditions and business cases for our customers. Frequency plays a major role, and we can hopefully step up the number of departures over the next few years, so that we’re able to offer departures every day. We’re currently working closely with DB Cargo to ensure that we have departures on all weekdays in 2021, and there’s actually a good chance that we could achieve this goal before the end of 2020,’ says Rasmus Munk Kolind.

This one extra weekly departure will mean a doubling of the number of weekly departures to and from the port of Aalborg in less than a year. According to Rasmus Munk Kolind, this indicates that – after several years of legwork – the trend for moving goods by rail is now seriously gaining momentum.

‘Rail freight has huge potential, and we’ve even seen the number of wagons and arrivals increase during the coronavirus crisis. This has only served to strengthen our belief that this form of transport will become an essential part of tomorrow’s freight transport. And the green agenda will presumably also significantly affect the trend, since transport by rail has a considerably smaller carbon footprint than the more widespread forms of transport,’ Rasmus Munk Kolind explains.

The physical conditions for rail freight in Aalborg are also receiving a boost at the moment. Port of Aalborg is in the process of adding 43,000 square metres to the railway with the aim of equipping the port’s infrastructure for the future.

‘With our investments and generally improved conditions for rail freight, we expect to be able to help support the positive trend,’ Rasmus Munk Kolind concludes.

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